About VetRef


I'm Dr. Mel and welcome to VetRef. 

VetRef started with the simple idea of having need to know veterinary info at your fingertips. I'm a recent graduate smallies veterinarian and I was sick of having to hunt through years of notes simply because I had forgotten some very basic information (whoops). I wanted concise, explanatory, information in my pocket that I could refer to when I needed. 

So the idea of VetRef was born. If I was struggling to remember how to neurolocalise, or the best antibiotic to use for prostatitis, surely other new grads are too. I needed something I could keep in my pocket all day. 

These pocket cards are designed for vets of any experience, nurses, techs, and students. Some information overlaps, some doesn't. But the beauty is, the cards are available to buy individually. 

The pocket cards are small enough to fit in a scrub pocket or clinical coat without being bulky. For those that are large animal inclined, the largies cards are made from PVC plastic and lanyards or badge reels are available for convenience. 

I hope these cards help you guys as much as they've helped me. 

- Dr. Mel